Welcome to Shropshire Training

Shropshire Training has recently been awarded the 

Best Meat Training Provider 2019 in the UK

We are an independent Training Provider specialising in achieving the training needs, aims and objectives of our customers. We are able to work with you in identifying and delivering the necessary workforce skills that are essential to ensure employees have the incentive, initiative and ambition to drive your business forward.

The key areas of our provision are:

Health & Safety, Manual Handling, Fire Safety/Marshall, Managing Safely, First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Food Safety, HACCP, WATOK.

We are currently delivering the Butchery Apprenticeship programme, Food Process Operator Apprenticeship programme, Transport of Animals (Chicken) certificate and the Welfare of Animals at the Time Of Killing (WATOK) qualification in all animal species.

Our staff are able to customise and relate accredited programmes to your specific training needs. Whether you are looking to comply with precise legislation, mastering new technical developments in your sector, making the best use of Health and Safety, improving your customer service or boosting your internal efficiency, Shropshire Training will keep your skills up to date and make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Shropshire Training can support you by:

  • Providing Effective Support and Guidance to Businesses
  • Matching the precise Training and Development with your Business Needs
  • Helping Businesses to Reach their Training Objectives

‘Supporting Businesses’

Shropshire Training is a Specialist Meat and Poultry Training Provider, currently working with a number of the largest manufacturers within the UK.

We are able to offer a flexible, unique and customised service to the meat and poultry industry.