Level 2 Award for Proficiency in Poultry Meat Inspection

The Level 2 Award for Proficiency in Poultry Meat Inspection is a qualification consisting of four routes:

  • Post–mortem inspection of broilers and hens
  • Post-mortem inspection of ducks and geese
  • Post-mortem inspection of non-hunted game birds
  • Post-mortem inspection of turkeys.

Each route requires the candidate to successfully undertake three units:

  • Carry out post-mortem inspection
  • Principles of Post-mortem inspection
  • Understand how to use food safety management procedures for post mortem inspection of poultry.

The qualification is designed for staff working in poultry processing businesses that will be part of the team carrying out post mortem inspection of carcases and offal. It is based on the National Occupational Standards developed by Improve, the sector skills council for the food and drink manufacturing industry, and conforms to the units of assessment developed by Improve and RSPH.

Holders of this qualification will have demonstrated that they have the skills, knowledge and understanding to carry out post-mortem inspection of the designated poultry and can apply the required food safety management procedures to their work.

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