Level 2 Award in the Transport of Animals by Road (Short Journeys)

Qualification: Level 2 Award in the Transport of Animals (Short Journeys)

Requirement: Legal requirement if you transport animals commercially for up to 8 hours and over 65km

Programme: 2 hours – includes 1 hour workshop and 1 hour assessment

Assessment: On-line multiple-choice assessment

Mandatory: Unit 1 must be completed

Unit 1

Learning Outcomes

The candidate will be able to know and understand:

1. Legal requirements and responsibilities

2. Responsibilities when transporting animals

3. Planning a short journey by road

4. Suitability of the vehicle

5. Checking animals and fitness to travel

6. Causes and signs of stress in animals

7. Space allowances, stocking densities and segregation requirements

8. Handling and animal welfare in transit

9. Post-journey requirements


Successful candidates receive: Certificate of Competence

Assessment centre: Shropshire Training, 7 Brades Road, Prees. Whitchurch. Shropshire SY13 2DY

Contact: 01948840354 or07527676397


If candidates prefer to complete the assessment in their own home this can be arranged by Shropshire Training. Addition costs will apply due to time and travel. Please enquire directly for further information.